daniel kotowski

11 km / 2:33 h

installation, video, duration 2 hours 33 minutes

Apparently, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia drew the Moscow-Petersburg railway line on the map with a ruler and a pencil, completely ignoring the conditions of the area. Fascinated by the radical nature of this gesture, I set myself a similar task. I decided to go in a straight line from my home to the Academy of Fine Arts, where I was studying. I made a video documentation of this walk with a sports camera attached to my clothes. Additional information about the travelled route is provided by an animation showing a straight black line of the plan and a red line of the actual route. 
In the film recording, I present the study of the limitation of my own body in the context of time and space. In the film, I show unselected, non-aesthetic frames of space, I record everything I pass along the way, without controlling the image while recording it. The only choice I make is the route and the way to get to my destination. This film brings you closer to the experience of walking around Warsaw in an architectural or urban context, also in the area of land conditions. 
A clean approach to time is of great importance for the reception. Time is accurately measured and given in the title of the work, which indicates its importance. At the same time, I do not force viewers to experience it in its entirety. I leave the possibility of scrolling and jumping to any moment in the film using a tablet.

video frames