daniel kotowski

daniel kotowski

daniel kotowski

A Person Who Does Not Speak Is Not a Person

video, duration 1 min 3 sec

Daniel Kotowski is inspired by the work by Mladen Stilinović “An Artist Who Does Not Speak English Is Not an Artist” (1992). Similarly to Stilinović, Kotowski would like to talk about exclusion, however, from the perspective of Deaf people. In 1992, the Croatian artist drew attention to what we consider common today – the domination of English language in the global art world. Kotowski is concerned to the same extent with the domination of one way of communicating – through the use of phonic language. In his work, the artist uses a fake sign styling it to resemble a sign language word. In fact, a multiplied gesture is an arrogant or rude act that expresses a disrespectful attitude towards someone else’s speech. A sign everyone recognises.
The work evokes discussion about the limits of visibility and audibility of people whose senses (sight, hearing and others) function in a disturbed manner. How can a voice that is very silent fight for its own place in the discussion and in the world? How to build new meeting and communication platforms not relying on the old excluding models?

text by the curator: Michał Grzegorzek

film, editing: Karolina Zajączkowska

Project realised as part of the 4th International Urban Art Festival OUT OF STH. Space Absorbency.

video frames