daniel kotowski

I Am Reading Aloud II


The concept of the performative action “I Am Reading Aloud” in the form of a performance based on the film “I Am Reading Aloud”.
During the performance, I read aloud 222 pages of the Polish National Anthem. The number of pages is related to the year 1797, when this patriotic song was created by Józef Wybicki. I read the anthem, pronouncing its words thoroughly each time. After I finish reading each of the pages, I release them slowly. An important aspect of this performance is the use of MY OWN speech since it is faulty. The speech is the result of a disorder in which speech organs do not work properly. I am aware that I cannot speak for a long time. I show my effort in this verbal activity.

photo credit Aneta Wawrzoła and Grzegorz Habryn