daniel kotowski

The Official Language of the Republic of Poland Is Polish

performance, video installation

The title “The Official Language of the Republic of Poland Is Polish” underlines the paradox. The constitution represents all citizens and is an instrument of equality and justice. However, an excerpt of the article 27 of the constitution includes a provision about the Polish language, which is clearly discriminatory, for example for people who do not use phonic speech. It poses a challenge for them. On the other hand, by performing, and thus by making the effort to speak phonic Polish, not Polish sign language, I point to the value of the obligation to defend the constitution. This way, I show those places and moments when the law has been violated by the authorities, I demand justice and respect for something that also belongs to me as a citizen. During the performance, I set up a portable sound system in the form of a backpack and used it to read the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in various places.

photo credit Patrycja Kuczyńska (1-4), Piotr Kruszak (5)